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29 January 2012 6
A new team is born

Yesterday’s blog finished with my wife arriving at the hospital just as stumps was called on day four. We pick up the following morning…

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28 January 2012
Cameron Rose: A final delivery

In a way, this Australia v India series has had many parallels with my wife’s pregnancy, and it is fitting that they are drawing to a close together, both to a possible denouement on Saturday 28th of January.

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26 January 2012
Cameron Rose: The award goes to...

We often view life through the prism of movies, so let’s see if we can’t do the same for cricket and pay tribute to the 2012 Academy Award nominees announced today.

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25 January 2012
Cameron Rose: Patience a virtue

So, my wife is 39 weeks pregnant.

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13 January 2012 3
The four pacemen of the WACocalypse

The book of Revelations famously has the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but on day one of the third test, Australia unleashed its own version - the four pacemen of the WACocalypse.

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07 January 2012
Cameron Rose: An epic tale

With so much drama, excitement and theatre on the first three days, a sense of inevitability about the result going into the fourth, and so many topics already covered, what was there going to be to write about today I wondered

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05 January 2012 2
Tickled pink

It was a remarkable sight, being surrounded by a sea of pink

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04 January 2012 1
Cameron Rose: There's only one Ricky Ponting

There’s only one Ricky Ponting, and over lunch the crowd were whipping themselves into a frenzy.

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03 January 2012 2
Cameron Rose: Lads from Dandenong

Being a proud born-and-raised Victorian growing up in the working-class suburb of Dandenong, I am naturally engineered to view everything concerning NSW and the pretentiousness of Sydney with an arrogant disdain bordering on hatred.

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02 January 2012 2
Cameron Rose: Two sorts of glorious

Two sorts of glorious greeted us today – a sunny Melbourne morning, and the uncertainty of sport.

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