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Jodie Fields

Whitney Houston vs gansta rap

10 November 2011

Wet weather shenanigans brings out the best and worst in players.

Things have been hectic in Queensland and around the country with the WNCL and WT20 competitions roaring with action.

As a whole there have been some great team performances and individual performances as well.

Last week we trekked south to the windy, wet, and cold confines of Harry Trott Oval in Melbourne.

We expected three tough matches against the Victorians and particularly with the rainy weather, it was a case of playing patience and keeping focused while holed up in the changerooms.

It is often the bain of a cricketers’ life sitting inside a cramped dressing room waiting for the rain to pass so I thought I would give you an insight into the changeroom lifestyle.

I know there was some awfully bad Whitney Houston singing going on in the Queensland changeroom, and equally there was some awful rap music coming from the Victorian changeroom, so those two mixtures combined provided for some interesting entertainment.

The wet weather was a good chance to play our Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz.  The Fire divided themselves into top order batters, middle order batters and fast bowlers/spinners.

I hate to say it but after some very tough questions and ordinary answers, the fast bowlers won!  One of the questions was ‘what music did Torvill and Dean dance to in the 1984 Winter Olympics?’

Out of any group I have to say I was expecting our very intelligent top-order group to get it but no, we had no idea!  I would have to think it would be very rare for a fast bowler to have a keen interest in classical music, before they convincingly answered ‘The Bolero!’  Oh dear.  Didn’t we hear about that all day!

The wet weather also provides a good opportunity for the players to find the buffet!

For some reason in the cold weather, everyone’s hunger pangs seem to magically increase and there were many ham, cheese, and tomato toasties being consumed between both teams.

I know there are a number of times when our fitness trainer has been amazed at some of the food consumed.  In a world of skinfolds, nutritionists, running sessions, and hydration tests, it is always amusing when someone seems to buck the trend.

I won’t mention her name, but a certain player seemed to eat the equivalent of a week’s worth of calories in one day.  Foot long Subway burger, OJ and eggs benedicts roll for breakfast, followed by a few muesli bars, couple of toasties, few bananas, after-match pasta (two plates), chicken kebab, large cold rock icecream, and the list goes on…..  Wow! Good luck if you gain a metabolism like that.

She did manage to find the Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home at the airport too – just 12 (for the family she said!).

Anyway, on a cricket focus, the other exciting part of our Victorian weekend was the super exciting but super stressful Super over!

After our Sunday was looking like being washed out, we managed to get on for a 10 over match.

There was lot of straight hitting, reverse sweeps, laps, you name it the shots were coming out.

After Victoria posted a competitive 85, we managed to tie up the match on the last ball.

Backing up at the bowler’s end to a Jude Coleman mid on shot, I managed to sprint two and dive in for a tie.  It was disappointing that we couldn’t get the final run, but exciting for all the spectators who got a chance to witness a Super over.

Everyone sprinted off as both captains only have a couple of minutes to get prepared.

It is always interesting how the situation plays out.  After a quick chat with Andy our coach, we summed up the game in who went well and who could do the job for us.

I always feel it is a great situation to back players and that is what we did.  Up stepped our three top order batters but what was most pleasing from our point of view, was that our youngest and most inexperienced player Jemma Barsby stepped up and said she wanted to bowl the Super over!

From a coach and captain perspective, that was an awesome moment for our group, and while I know ‘Barbie’ was crawling with nerves, but she answered everyone’s questions well.

I know to some groups, it is a situation where it would be wise to go to your experienced bowlers but it was a great moment to show confidence in our young player.

Everyone got behind her and she did the job fantastically.  From a psychological perspective, I feel that Jemma’s belief in her own ability has been truly justified and we hope she goes on to bigger and better things.

This week there is another round of WNCL and WT20 cricket with NSW Breakers sitting out with the bye.  Hopefully we see some more fantastic cricket from all the women’s teams.

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