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Jodie Fields

Fields: Excitement builds for final

17 February 2013

A World Cup final is not something that you have a chance to be part of every day. That day is arriving quickly for the Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars and the excitement is unbelievable.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the 2009 World Cup team in Sydney when we finished fourth in a disappointing campaign.

We walked away from that tournament having underperformed and we were  determined to be better cricket players both on-field and off-field. 

A lot of hard work has gone into this tournament over the last four years from a coaching and playing perspective.  

A World Cup final is the pinnacle of an international woman cricketer’s career and we have all been determined to put 100% effort into this tour.

There have been some big retirements since the 2009 campaign such, including Shelley Nitschke, Karen Rolton and Leah Poulton, but we have also seen the emergence of some new talent in the bowling and batting departments.

There have been many motivations since that year for the Australian team to head into another one day World Cup fully prepared and ready to perform how we know we can perform.

From fitness, to nutrition, to skills training, and game analysis, no stone has gone unturned in the lead up to this event and I couldn’t be more proud of the way all players have committed to this effort.

Everyone has committed to a values system and it has been largely driven by the players, focused on being professional and committed to the team goal at all times.

At a World Cup there are always difficult moments, such as travel issues, health concerns, or even security troubles; but the group has remained focused throughout the tournament and has continued to focus on the task at hand, which is to wear the green and gold jersey with pride and give it our best.

The success of this tournament would not have been possible without the support of family, friends and supporters at home in Australia.

We have been lucky enough to have some families and friends here supporting with the Aussie flag and smiles in the stands. We will appreciate the support on Sunday when we face off against the talented and exciting West Indies team.

Our final super six match against the West Indies was a disappointing result for the team.

We were keen to continue our dominating display but we did not play well on the day and we know that as a group we will need to improve and play better cricket to win the final.

Choosing the team to play the final will be difficult for all involved, but anyone in our playing squad of fifteen could do the job for us.

We are blessed with depth in both batting and bowling line-ups and this has been a benefit throughout the tournament.  

The ICC Women’s World Cup has been a great success all round for international women’s cricket and has been broadcast into nations all over the world.

The women’s game continues to go from strength to strength and has been evidenced by the competitiveness of many of the matches in the tournament. 

The responsibility of those playing the game at the highest level is to promote our sport to girls and boys across the globe and get them participating in the best sport in the world. 

Whatever happens on Sunday night at CCI Stadium in Mumbai, women’s cricket has put on a great show for the world. 

Come on Aussies!

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