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Meg Lanning

Two-nil in Vizag

21 March 2012 2

After the completion of the One-Day International series we headed to Vizag, a port city on the east coast of India.

Our hotel is not far from the beach and we are lucky enough to have rooms overlooking the ocean. 

I didn’t think I would say this after being in Mumbai, but the heat and humidity in Vizag is at another level completely and we have to ensure that we keep up our water intake, especially during matches.

When we arrived at the ground for our first T20 we were pleasantly surprised to find the luxury of reclining chairs in the changeroom, which are rather comfy to return to after 20 overs in the field.

There have been rumours our team Doctor Karen fell asleep during the ODI matches, and I could definitely picture her having another nap during the T20 games if she gets in to one of those chairs!

On the buses

The bus rides have been an interesting part of this tour.

Our first bus in Ahmedabad struggled to get up a small incline in our hotel’s driveway and we wondered whether he was going to make it each time. I

The first few bus rides in Vizag have certainly been entertaining. On our way to the second T20 the driver must have been late for something, from the moment we hurtled out of the hotel driveway we knew we were in for a fast ride.

With many speed humps in Vizag the driver decided that he would see how close he could get to the speed hump before putting the breaks on, ensuring for a very abrupt stop many times.

We made it to the ground in record time but thankfully on the way back someone had a word to him and the drive home was much less white-knuckled

Warming up for T20

For the T20 series a new warm-up game was introduced.

Lisa Sthalekar suggested that a ‘non-contact’ version of gridiron would be a suitable option.

Apparently NSW often play this during their warm-ups throughout the domestic season but for us Victorians and Queenslanders it was very unfamiliar.

Usually our warm-up games are non-contact but as I found out after being taken out by a Lisa Sthalekar block, this one was not.

We were all looking forward to starting the T20 series and we knew the games would be closely fought.

We batted first in the first T20 and were able to post a very competitive 138 thanks to some power hitting by Jess Cameron.

A great all round bowling performance meant we were able to restrict India to 108, giving us a one-nil lead in the best of five T20 series.

We had to back up the very next day for the second T20 and this time we found ourselves out in the field first.  

India got off to a fast start in the first six overs, however, we were able to slow the run rate down and restrict them to 111, thanks again to a great team effort in the field and a solid bowling performance.

Our chase was on target throughout and Jess Cameron again smashed the ball all round the park to help us take a two-nil lead heading into the rest day.

With a two-nil lead and three matches remaining, we’re happy with how we are playing and will be looking to go three-nil up in the third T20 on Wednesday.

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