Cricket Australia

Alex Kountouris

In professional sports, one of the most important positions and probably one of the least recognised is the team physiotherapist.

Alex Kountouris is the lead physiotherapist for the Australian Cricket Team and is a crucial cog in the Australian team’s engine.

After growing up in Cyprus, Kountouris moved to Australia as a refugee and now balances his cricket role with writing his doctorate. He is also an assistant lecturer at La Trobe University.

He began his career working in a hospital and private practice setting before progressing into sports physiotherapy at the Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic in Melbourne.

Kountouris also worked with the Sri Lankan team, helping them to win the 1996 ICC World Cup and the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy.

In 2006 he was appointed as full-time lead physiotherapist for the Aussie team, after spending three years working as a consultant physiotherapist for the team under Errol Alcott.

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