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Developing a Constitution

All clubs should set out their basic structure and operation methods in writing in the form of a constitution.

Each club's constitution will be different, however, all should identify at least the following key matters;

  • the club's purpose
  • the clubs rules of operation
  • the members' rights and responsibilities

While each club will have different aims and objectives, there are some basic guidelines to follow in developing a constitution for your club. Your State or Territory government website will have specific details on the relevant legislation, however a basic checklist is provided below as a useful starting point, in which you will be able to adapt to suit your club.

 A constitution should specify:

  • Eligibility for membership
  • Who is entitled to become a member, and who decides on applications or membership (eg the committee)
  • How to become a member
  • If you club offers different types of memberships, the eligibility for each must be clearly defined.
  • How a membership can be cancelled and/or how a member can be suspended or withdrawn (eg: overdue membership fees.
  • How a general meeting is called to resolve an issue.
  • Date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) – should be <3 months of the clubs end of financial year.
  • Powers of the committee members to manage the clubs rules of operation and daily running of the club.
  • Occurrence of committee meetings and details (membership fee due dates, financials, minute keeping).
  • The number of committee members, the number required for a quorum and the portfolios to be completed to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of each member.
  • The circumstances for committee members to be indemnified out of the club’s funds in the event they incur any liability on behalf of the club.
  • The manner of winding up the organisation and the distribution of assets.

Changes to the constitution are required to be debated and voted upon at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting. The constitution should always be kept up to date and reviewed annually.

Specific constitution guidelines for each State and Territory can be found here.

>>View constitution guidelines by state

>>Download constitution template

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