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Volunteer Job Descriptions

A job description gives the volunteer guidance and a clear understanding of what is involved in carrying out their assigned responsibilities.

It is critical that the club and committee ensure that it has written job descriptions for each position or role needing to be filled around the club. Generally this is the responsibility of the volunteer coordinator. 

Ideally, the job description should include:

  • Job Title
  • Position Objective
  • Terms of Voluntary Involvement
  • Duties
  • Essential Skills/Qualifications
  • Place of Work
  • Other Relevant Documents
  • Declaration of Understanding

Volunteers need to know exactly what is required of them and in turn, the club needs to be aware of the tasks being carried out by its volunteers. When writing a job description make sure you include all of the duties and responsibilities that is the volunteer will be involved in, no matter how small or mundane the task is.

It is important to include hours and the time requirements for each role as this allows volunteers to identify whether they have enough free time to give to the role.

A number of roles, and the skills and duties associated with each role, have been provided below, to give you an idea of how to draft a job description for a club or association.

>>Job Description Template

>>Job Description for President

>>Job Description for Secretary

>>Job Description for Treasurer

>>Job Description for MILO in2CRICKET coordinator

>>Job Description for Coach

>>Job Description for Team Manager

>>Job Description for Volunteer Coordinator

>>Job Description for Umpire

>>Job Description for Women’s cricket coordinator

>>Job Description for Social Coordinator

>>Job Description for First Aid Officer

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