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Community Engagement

Local Councils

Most grounds or ovals are on council property and are managed by the local council. This means they are generally, responsible for the maintenance, curators, clubrooms, waste removal and car parking, although this may not always be the case. All clubs and associations should ensure they clearly understand what the council is responsible for and what the club‘s responsibility is in relation to their ground location and facilities. It is vital to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with the local council if the club is to be successful.

Clubs should be aware of the contribution of their local council and should build a strong partnership with their council officers to ensure the relationship can be mutually beneficial.

When looking to form relationships with local councils, clubs should;

  • Make sure they consult councils with proposed plans and activities.
  • Acknowledge and be aware of the local councillors and council staff members they come in contact with.
  • Invite council members to function or events being run by the club.
  • Build their reputation and set an example for on-field and off-field behaviour to the local community.
  • Be considerate and respect neighbours to avoid complaints to local councils
  • Work together on finding solutions and resolving problems.
  • Ensure the local council is part of your club‘s strategic public relations campaign


Schools and other educational facilities can often be the introduction to cricket for a number of children. Clubs and associations can benefit from a number of the programs run in schools by assisting or running programs at your local club or association

Here are just a few of the Programs schools and associations can offer;

MILO T20 Blast

The MILO T20 Blast School Cup has been developed to give primary school-aged children the opportunity to participate in a competitive one-day T20 carnival, playing an appropriate format of cricket that will inspire them to continue as a player and/or fan.

The next step for MILO T20 Blast School Cup participants is to register for the eight week MILO T20 Blast program in Clubs or Associations or their local junior club cricket competition.

MILO Super 8s

MILO Super 8s is a fun-filled version of cricket for lower and middle secondary school children that maximises the involvement of all participants in a 16-over game (eight overs per team) that requires just 45 to 50 minutes from start to finish.

The MILO Super 8s state-wide competition is:

  • Free to all schools
  • Modified cricket that maximises participation
  • Played by boys and girls
  • Teacher friendly with easy to understand rules
  • Encourages team work, communication and leadership

Clubs and Associations can assist their State or Territory association with clinics in schools or assistance from volunteers on carnival days.

Sporting Clubs

Developing relationships with other sporting clubs within your local area can enable teams and other sports to target potential members and players, share facility costs and maintenance, develop joint sponsorship or fundraising initiatives and encourage strategic development.

Cricket is primarily a summer sport and with AFL being played in the winter, partnerships can certainly exist between clubs using the same playing and clubroom facilities. In may not only be restricted to AFL, with some clubs having strong relationships with netball clubs, or any sport for that matter. In partnering with other sports and teams, the planning, design and management of facilities creates optimal use of facilities, support from council and community groups as well as decreasing the reliance operating costs and maintenance during the off season.

 Some of the advantages or partnering with other codes and allowing them use of the facility can include;

  • Utilisation of ground – Allowing the ground to be maintained all-year round.
  • Greater development and allocation of funds for one facility
  • Increased use and community access
  • Cost sharing for operating costs between two sports or clubs
Improved relationships with existing clubs and associations

Commercial Partners