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National Club and Insurance Program

The National Club Insurance Program is a joint initiative of Cricket Australia and the state/territory cricket associations and has seen a number of financial benefits and savings provided to cricket clubs across Australia.

The program was developed to help clubs achieve appropriate and affordable insurance cover through a collective approach and greater purchasing power.

It is considered that every club now has access to insurance at an affordable and consistent price.

The program provides competitively priced broad protection as outlined in this table:




Public liability

$20m, $1,000 excess

Slip and trip

Errors and omissions liability
(For coaches, umpires and managers only)

$1m, $2,500 excess

Negligent advice by coach/trainer

Products liability

$20m, $1,000 excess

Faulty products sold by club

Club management (D&O)
employee theft

  • $10m, $Nil excess
  • $25,000, $2,500 excess

Negligence in capacity of office bearers

Personal accident

  • 85 per cent Non-Medicare costs
  • $5,000 max., $50 excess

Injuries sustained during club activities

PA loss of income

85 per cent of net weekly income or $500, 14 -day excess

Income lost due to injury sustained during club activity


It is important that clubs register for insurance with the National Club Insurance Program and complete the online risk management module and print their Certificate of Currency by clicking on the following link.  This link is also available via the course ‘Resources’.,

Club administrators can telephone 1300 655 684 (in the ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC) or 1800 882 079 (in the NT, SA, TAS, WA) or visit for more information.

For further information, you can contact JLT Sport for assistance.

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