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James SutherlandCricket Australia is proud to partner with Sports Education and Development Australia (SEDA) to establish a Year 11 and 12 senior secondary education program – the Cricket Australia Sports Development Program.

Commencing in 2013, the program brings together best practice in education, sports training and business to provide educational opportunities for young people across Australia.

For prospective students, this is a chance to gain educational and industry qualifications while gaining a first-hand understanding of the sports industry through involvement with Cricket Australia.

Students will have the chance to apply their passion and interest for cricket alongside the outstanding professionals who currently administer the game, learning from their wide-ranging expertise in coaching, high-performance, game development, facility and sports management.

SEDA will accompany this industry exposure with high quality education and training courses, equipping students with full year 11 and 12 school qualification and national qualifications in Sport and Recreation

Cricket Australia is dedicated to ensuring cricket is Australia’s favourite sport and training the next generation of sports administrators and leaders is vital to this goal.

I encourage young, enthusiastic Australians with a passion for sport to apply for this unique educational experience and I look forward to welcoming those accepted in 2013.

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 James Sutherland


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Love Sport?

Studying year 11 & 12 in 2014?

The Sports Development Program is a joint initiative between CRICKET AUSTRALIA and SEDA, offering year 11 and 12 students an engaging curriculum within the Sport & Rec industry. Students create pathways for their future into employment or further study.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Work with expert staff at CRICKET AUSTRALIA and sporting clubs
  2. Hands-on curriculum
  3. Pathways to higher education
  4. Full sports uniform
  5. Make lifelong friends

If you’re looking for a new exciting and challenging educational opportunity through sport, then visit the SEDA website or

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