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No panic stations for Dhoni

UPDATED 04 January, 2013 3:15PM AEST |

India captain Twenty20 captain MS Dhoni says there is no cause for panic despite a sobering exit from the ICC World Twenty20 on Tuesday.

India defeated South Africa by one run but needed to win by more to advance to the semi-finals at the expense of Pakistan.

Ultimately, a heavy loss to Australia in their Super Eights opener cost India their place, but Dhoni said his side's failure to progress needed to be put into perspective.

"I think the same question was asked in Australia and in England. This is one question that always arises when you have not done well," Dhoni said.

"If you have seen the performances in this tournament so far, where we lost, we lost and we lost one game and we lost it badly.

"It can happen in this format that you are at a stage where other games are having an impact and you don't really want that kind of situation to happen, but sometimes you are just forced to do what is pushed onto you."

India's pace attack has received criticism in some quarters, but Dhoni said that was only one area of concern.

"Let's get practical about what the reason was, and then assess was it the fault of the players," he said.

"Looking at the problems that we are facing. The thing is looking for the right solution, you can say look for the fast bowlers that bowl quick. 

"We've got a few fast bowlers, and then we need to make sure that their speed isn't something that goes against them. 

"You've seen on flat wickets they've gone for more runs than some of our spin bowlers. We need to be careful about the dead bowling."

Top-ranked South Africa had no chance of progressing after losing their Super Eights matches against Australia and Pakistan with captain AB de Villiers admitting his side once again 'found a way to lose'.

"We played poor cricket and I am really disappointed, especially after all the support we got," De Villiers said. 

"It started against Pakistan. We got ourselves in a winning position and somehow managed to find a way to lose."

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First Posted 03 October, 2012 2:52PM AEST

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