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Nevill surprised by Stars result

UPDATED 04 January, 2013 3:22PM AEST | by Michael Huguenin, Omnisport 2

Wicketkeeper Peter Nevill has admitted he and his Renegades team-mates were initially left stumped by the result between Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers but support the decision in hindsight.

The Stars were awarded a 10-wicket victory over the Scorchers in Perth on Wednesday night despite the visitors only batting for two overs to win under the Duckworth-Lewis system.

The controversy stemmed from a belief each side had to face at least five overs to decide a Twenty20 game.

Nevill conceded it was a strange situation as the Stars had to face a single delivery late on to complete their two overs with the bat but the 27-year-old wicketkeeper felt it was the right decision in the end to award the points to the Renegades' city rivals.

"Yeah it was a little bit strange," Nevill said.

"We had a little discussion amongst ourselves to actually figure out what went on but in hindsight it does make sense if you sift through what actually happened and how they've interpreted the rules there."

Nevill could not resist the opportunity to remind other Big Bash teams that Renegades matches, at their roofed home venue of Etihad Stadium, will not be affected by rain.

"I couldn't help thinking that if we were playing at Etihad Stadium we would have got the whole game in," Nevill said.

Speaking at Tullamarine airport on Thursday before the Renegades flew to Sydney for their game against the Thunder, Nevill revealed his hopes of keeping the hosts' star batsman Chris Gayle quiet like last season.

"Played against him last season in the Big Bash and managed to get him out for a duck, so hopefully the same result this game," Nevill said.

Gayle has arrived in Australia after missing the Thunder's opening-round loss to Sydney rivals the Sixers.

And having averaged 42 in the inaugural Big Bash season, the Thunder will hope Gayle can ignite their season on Friday night against the Renegades.

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First Posted 13 December, 2012 1:44PM AEST

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