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Lehmann charged for Samuels remarks

UPDATED 12 February, 2013 4:00PM AEST | by Omnisport 8

Brisbane Heat coach Darren Lehmann has been charged with breaching Cricket Australia's code of behaviour for querying Melbourne Renegades spinner Marlon Samuels' bowling action.

Lehmann made the remarks following Brisbane's loss to the Renegades on Saturday night and he also seemed dumbfounded as to why the West Indian was allowed to bowl in the KFC T20 Big Bash League when he had previously been banned from doing so in the IPL.

"I've spoken to the umpires about it," Lehmann said following the loss.

"I just want something done.

"He couldn't bowl in the IPL last year, yet he can bowl in the BBL.

"We've got to seriously look at what we're doing. Are we here to play cricket properly or what?

"If he's deemed legal, I'm totally understanding of that.

"But from my point of view from 20 years' cricket, I've got a problem with 120km/h off no steps."

Lehmann is alleged to have breached Rule 9 of Cricket Australia's code of behaviour which states that 'a player or official must not denigrate or criticise another player or denigrate or criticise an official, umpire, referee or team against which they have played or will play, whether in relation to incidents which occurred in a match or otherwise; denigrate or criticise another player or official by inappropriately commenting on any aspect of his or her performance, abilities or characteristics'.

The matter has now been referred to the commissioner and Lehmann will face a hearing at a time and date that is yet to be confirmed.

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First Posted 23 December, 2012 5:41PM AEST

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