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QLD team to beat at Indoor Masters

UPDATED 01 June, 2012 2:14PM AEST |

After five days of intense cricket, it is finals time at the Australian Indoor Masters Championships, with Queensland set to dominate.

In the Men’s over 30s division Queensland will be aiming for their seventh straight title. Victoria and New South Wales will fight for the right to challenge Queensland in a cutthroat preliminary final.

The undefeated Queensland over 35 Men’s have stamped their authority on the division and will look win their 18th title in 21 years.  Ending The QLD hot streak could be incentive enough for New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia to cause a major upset.

Queensland will also head into the over 40’s finals as favourites, in what has proved the most evenly contested division this week.

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, will be keen to ensure Queensland do not have it all their own way.

New South Wales remain undefeated in their quest to retain the over 45’s title. Close rival Queensland will be keen to add this title to their list of Indoor Champions. Western Australia could also present a challenge.

Queensland will take on NSW in the Women’s over 30s major semi with South Australia hoping to upset Victoria in the minor semi.

International invitees Northern Region New Zealand were very competitive and won five out of seven matches, but are ineligible to play in the final series.

Finals Draw

Over 30s Women

Major Semi Final: Queensland v New South Wales

Minor Semi Finals: Victoria v South Australia


Over 30s Men

Preliminary Final: Victoria v New South Wales


Over 35s Men

Major Semi Final: Queensland v New South Wales

Minor Semi Final: South Australia v Victoria


Over 40’s Men

Major Semi Final: Queensland v New South Wales

Minor Semi Final: Victoria v South Australia


Over 45s Men

Major Semi Final: New South Wales v Queensland

Minor Semi Final: Victoria v Western Australia


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First Posted 01 June, 2012 2:11PM AEST

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