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Juniors vie for Indoor titles

UPDATED 07 February, 2013 3:10PM AEST |

Australia’s best junior Indoor cricketers will compete for the title of 2012 National Champions on Saturday.

More than 400 of Australian cricket's most talented junior players have played in high-spirited competition across six divisions durning the past week at Strathpine in Queensland.

The under-16 girls division compete at the this year's even for the first time, bringing a new vibrancy to the tournament.

Today’s play will see semi-finals and preliminary final action as teams strive for a place in tomorrow’s Grand Finals.

Adding to the importance of this year’s titles is the selection of four teams to represent Australia in the inaugural World Indoor Cricket Federation Junior World Series to be held in South Africa in early October.

Teams will be announced at the Presentation ceremony on Saturday.

Today’s schedule:

12 & Under Boys

Major Semi-Final: NSW Cyclones v Victoria

Minor Semi-Final: South Australia Blacks v SE Queensland


14 & Under Boys

Major Semi-Final: SE Queensland v South Australia

Minor Semi Final: NSW Blues v NSW Cyclones


16 & Under Girls

Preliminary Rounds continue


16 & Under Boys

Major Semi-Final: Western Australia v Queensland

Minor Semi-Final: Victoria v NSW Cyclones


18 & Under Girls

Major Semi-Final: Queensland v South Australia

Minor Semi-Final: NSW Blues v Victoria


18 & Under Boys

Major Semi-Final:  NSW Blues v South Australia

Minor Semi-Final: Western Australia v Queensland


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First Posted 06 July, 2012 3:06PM AEST

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