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Paris-Bosisto bond to reach its zenith

UPDATED 14 February, 2013 1:17PM AEST | by James Willoughby in Townsville, Omnisport

The relationship between a captain and bowler is always important.

For a captain, they want someone in their side they can trust to take wickets at crucial periods while for a bowler, they want a skipper who believes in them.

So when a captain and bowler - in this case Australia's Will Bosisto and left-armer Joel Paris - have played over 200 games of cricket together, it is highly likely they have a terrific working relationship.

The duo played cricket together at school, while they also represent the Claremont Nedlands Cricket Club back in their native Western Australia.

And both Bosisto and Paris, who form part of Australia's squad at the ICC Under-19 World Cup, will add another game to that lengthy list on Sunday as they face India in the final of the tournament at Tony Ireland Stadium in Townsville.

"I worked out with Will the other day ... I reckon I've played over 200 games with him over in Western Australia," Paris said on Friday.

"I went to the same school with Will. We've been playing cricket together since we were nine so we worked it out. He has captained me in about 100 I reckon."

Paris - who missed two games at the tournament due to a virus - has taken five wickets at an average of 21.80 in his three matches.

And the paceman, who takes the new ball for his country, says it is a help that one of his best mates is the Australian skipper.

"We are really close," Paris said.

"He's a fantastic captain. It's probably a bit of an advantage having him captain. He knows what I can do.  He just basically trusts me and I trust him as a captain.

"I give all my heart and soul for Will because he is a great captain. Hopefully on Sunday I can do him proud again."

Paris - who says his team-mates are 'ecstatic' to reach the final - admits that India have had Australia's measure in previous encounters.

The two nations have played each other four times in the past year, with India winning three of the matches, including the final of a quadrangular series - that also included England and New Zealand - in Townsville in April.

"They have had probably a bit of an edge over us. We went over to India to play them over there and they were very, very good. (India's batsmen) are good players on good wickets so we have got to make sure that we stick to our zones and our lengths," Paris said.

"All of the top-order batsmen (for India) are quite attacking so we are just going to try and be nice and full and straight and not give them too much width. Hopefully we'll force a bad shot."

That is not to say that Paris is worried about the Indian side.

He recognises their talent but is also aware of the ability within the Australian team as they hope to emulate Mitch Marsh's 2010 ICC Under-19 World Cup-winning side.

And Paris revealed that Marsh had spoken to the playing group in the lead-up to the final.

"I spoke to Mitch Marsh a couple of nights ago and he just said basically that it's another game, it's nothing different so stick to what you know," he said.

"He spoke to all the boys and just said good luck and stay relaxed. Stay positive all the way through the innings and not give up. Hopefully we'll take that into the game and it holds us in good stead."

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