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Hussey looked to play it cool

UPDATED 07 January, 2013 12:55PM AEST | by Adam Lucius

Mike Hussey revealed he was desperate to avoid an emotional farewell innings despite the SCG crowd willing him to bat for one last time during the five-wicket Test win over Sri Lanka.

The man they call 'Mr Cricket' had hoped Australia's top order would wipe clean the 141-run deficit without his intervention, but in the end his unbeaten and assured 27 was vital to ensure the visitors did not steal a stunning upset victory.

Hussey's innings again underlined how much the Australian Test team will miss him, but the reluctant hero was praying against having to bat again, especially with the crowd chanting his name while Ed Cowan was in the middle.

"I was sitting next to (coach) Mickey Arthur telling him we need to get on the loudspeaker and tell them all to be quiet," Hussey said of the crowd.

"I wanted the two out there to do the job and I could sit there and relax.

"The crowd was starting to get a bit vocal and I was going to make sure they tried to finish the job.

"(At the start) I was hoping we could make the runs none down but more than happy just to be out there when the winning run was hit.

"I wanted the job done. The most important thing was making sure we won the Test match.

"The crowd support and support in general has been overwhelming and I've been a little bit embarrassed by it."

Mr Cricket is now looking forward to spending more time at home as Mr Mum following nearly a decade on the road.

He is also relieved the sick feeling that hits his stomach before each innings has disappeared for good.

He said: "The stress, the pressure (is off) and I can relax away from that.

"I don't have that sick feeling in my stomach before every game or before I bat.

"I've been prepared for it (the end) but there's definitely aspects I am going to miss.

"Like being out there when the winning runs are hit in a Test match, helping Australia win a series or being in the dressing room with the boys singing the team song.

"It couldn't have ended any better. I've achieved a lot more in my career than I've dreamed."

Hussey finished his 79-Test career with 6235 runs at the better-than-good average of 51.52.

Skipper Michael Clarke declared Hussey was irreplaceable and would be missed as much as the recently retired Ricky Ponting.

"He hasn't played as many Tests as Ricky Ponting but for the time he's been here he's been unbelievable like Punter was his whole career," Clarke said.

"He's won a lot of games for Australia. That's probably the one thing that I'll remember most about Huss.

"It's not his statistics; it's the way he plays the game and what he gives to the team.

"It's how much he loves playing for that baggy green cap.

"We'll never be able to replace him."

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First Posted 06 January, 2013 7:05PM AEST

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