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Easy decision for Hussey

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Mike Hussey said handing the team song duties to Nathan Lyon was a simple decision but he is spoilt for choice when it comes to naming his replacement in the Australian batting line-up.

The retiring left-hander anointed Lyon as the man to recite 'Under the Southern Star' following each Australian victory, continuing a proud tradition instigated by former wicketkeeper Rod Marsh in the 1970s, after witnessing the spinner's passion for the baggy green cap.

"I picked Nathan because I think he's a man of great character," Hussey said after guiding Australia to a five-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the third Test at the SCG.

"He plays the game for the right reasons and understands and respects the fabric of the baggy green cap.

"That's what I want to come through from him when he leads the team songs in the future.

"The people before me certainly have had great character so I wanted to look for those sorts of traits in the next song master."  

But Hussey admits the search to find the right batsman to replace him ahead of a big year of Test cricket is not as straightforward.

Younger brother David is the sentimental choice but Hussey is confident that whoever takes his place will get the job done.  

"The emotional one would be for Dave to come in and play Test cricket. I know he's wanted to do it for a long time and that would be pretty amazing," he said.

"But I'm not worried about the team at all. History has shown that the game always moves on and players come and go.

"I'm really excited for 'Pup' (Michael Clarke) and the team because I think there are some brilliant candidates that could come in."

Clarke labelled Hussey irreplaceable but is not concerned over the hole his departure leaves.  

"We've got some time fortunately. We'll never be able to replace (Hussey) but what it does do is present an opportunity to somebody else," the skipper said.

"Whoever gets that chance I know will look forward to coming and wearing the baggy green cap.

"They know they have a big job to do and I think it's a really exciting time for us as a team."

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First Posted 07 January, 2013 8:35AM AEST

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