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Sutherland congratulates indoor players

UPDATED 04 October, 2013 5:18PM AEST | by Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland has congratulated the Australian Extreme Men’s and Women’s Indoor cricket teams for their selection in the 2013 Sub-Continnet Indoor Cricket Tri Series.

"On behalf of Cricket Australia, I wish you every success in the tournament and I'm sure you will represent Australia with pride and integrity," Mr Sutherland said. 

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The tri-series tour in Sri Lanka involves Sri Lanka and India and comes to a close October 5th.

Men's Squad: Lyle Teske, Andrew Byrne, Lance Macdougall, Mark Rice, Rhys Dearness, Nick DeGrys, Robert Fitzgerald, Timothy Floros, Vinesh Bennett, David Hankin, Andrew Roiko, Matthew Floros.

Women's Squad: Jude Coleman, Ashleigh Doble, Briony Polkinghorne, Danielle Montague, Jess Surace, Leslee Tunrer, Laura Shaw, Elizabeth Hall, Neisha Iles, Nicole Martin, Taneale Peschel, Wendy Kemp.

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First Posted 04 October, 2013 5:03PM AEST

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