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Botha cited for doubtful bowling action

UPDATED 07 October, 2013 5:01PM AEST | by Cricket Australia 4

Cricket Australia (CA) has today advised that West End Redbacks bowler Johan Botha will undergo biomechanical analysis of his bowling action after being cited for a doubtful bowling action.

Under CA’s Doubtful Bowling Action Procedure, a bowler must undergo testing after a single mention for a suspected illegal bowling action in an interstate season. For the 2013-14 season onwards this policy has changed to a single mention, rather than the previous requirement of three mentions.

All the umpires (three in TV games, two in non-TV matches) must agree to the ‘mention’ of a Doubtful Bowling Action and must sign the report form.

CA’s policy requires cited bowlers to undergo testing within 14 days of being notified. Botha can still play on throughout this period and can only be suspended from bowling if the official report, post the Doubtful Bowling Action Analysis, proves he has an illegal action. Communication of Botha’s bowling action analysis will follow the testing.

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First Posted 07 October, 2013 5:00PM AEST

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