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Clarke reprimanded for Code breach

UPDATED 01 November, 2013 6:28PM AEST | by Cricket Australia 32

Cricket Australia (CA) advises that Michael Clarke has been reprimanded for breaching CA’s Code of Behaviour on day two of the NSW Blues v Tasmanian Tigers Bupa Sheffield Shield match at Blacktown International Sportspark.

Clarke was yesterday reported by the umpires for breaching Article 2.1.3 Showing Dissent at an Umpire’s decision.

The batsman was given the benefit of the doubt when a close to the ground catch was claimed at gully.  When the umpire gave a “not out” decision Clarke used the ‘T sign’ or player decision review signal intimating the decision should be reviewed by the third umpire.  Shield matches are not televised and therefore a third umpire is not used.

As part of the code of behaviour revisions,  if any player uses the T sign, in gest or not, it will lead to an automatic report as it shows dissent at the umpire decision.

Clarke admitted guilt and accepted Match Referee Daryl Harper’s proposed penalty of a reprimand.  A hearing was not required.

This was Clarke’s first offence in the past 18 months.

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First Posted 01 November, 2013 5:34PM AEST

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