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Paine daring to dream

UPDATED 31 July, 2014 9:40AM AEST | by Stu Warren, Omnisport 24

Following what may prove to be a match-defining innings of 87, Tasmanian wicketkeeper Tim Paine reflected on a 'really pleasing' effort that has allowed the Tigers to dream of hoisting the Sheffield Shield on Tuesday afternoon.

Paine came to the crease with the Tigers in dire straits at 5-15, the home side reeling in the wake of a withering spell from Queensland quick Ryan Harris.

But far from panicking at the prospect of a rout opening the door for the Bulls, Paine told reporters in Hobart he had been relatively relaxed from the outset given the Tigers carried a telling 194-run lead into the second innings.

"We knew every run we got past 225 was going to be hard work for them to get because our attack bowled really well in the first innings and they only got to 225 when the batting conditions were a lot better than that," he said.

"Regardless, whether we'd been bowled out for 50 or 60, I still would have backed us."

Paine and Alex Doolan (26) made it safely to lunch, but it was when Doolan departed and the 'keeper was joined by James Faulkner (83 not out) that the Tigers were able to climb back on top of their opponents and relieve the growing tension around Blundstone Arena.

"I thought that every run we scored from that moment was one they had to get and one more than they scored in the first innings when conditions were really good to bat," he said.

"Today was really pleasing to be the guy, along with James, who pulled us out of trouble."

With three wickets still in hand, the Tigers are likely to push on with the bat on Tuesday, building the current lead of 434 and affording Faulkner an opportunity to post his maiden first class century.

But far from playing for the draw, Paine insisted the Tigers would still be aiming to win the final outright.

"We're still looking to come tomorrow and make sure we get it and win it, we don't want to draw this game," he said.

"Our goal from the outset has been to win this game of cricket and that's still the way we're looking at it."

"With our attack we'll give ourselves plenty of time to win this game. The wicket is wearing and getting lower and lower and I think our attack will be really challenging to play tomorrow afternoon."

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First Posted 25 March, 2013 8:48PM AEST

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