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Gannon suspended from bowling

UPDATED 11 June, 2013 12:56PM AEST | by Cricket Australia 10

Cricket Australia has today advised that Queensland’s Cameron Gannon has been suspended from bowling in interstate cricket after biomechanial analysis revealed he bowled with an elbow extension outside the allowable level.

Analysis conducted at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra found that Gannon bowls with an illegal action for all deliveries, with an average elbow extension of 24 degrees.  The allowable elbow extension is 15 degrees.

As such Gannon is now suspended from bowling in interstate cricket until he passes another analysis of his action in accordance with the provisions set out in the Cricket Australia Doubtful Bowling procedures.

This suspension is effective immediately and Gannon is not able to request a fresh analysis of his action until at least 90 days from today’s date.

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First Posted 12 April, 2013 4:15PM AEST

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