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Pattinson to undergo surgery

UPDATED 04 April, 2013 6:52PM AEST | by Cricket Australia 4

Cricket Australia Chief Medical Officer A/Prof. Justin Paoloni said:

"James Pattinson will be having surgery tomorrow for a non-cricket related medical condition in his lower abdominal region that has been troubling him during the latter part of the recently concluded VB Tour of India.

"James has undergone tests and consulted specialists since returning from India, and it was felt that surgery is absolutely necessary at this time.  

"The recovery times will determined once the surgery is completed but James is expected to return to training in approximately four weeks.

"His preparation for The Ashes is not expected to be affected but his availability for the ICC Champions Trophy will be determined at a later stage.” 

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First Posted 04 April, 2013 5:17PM AEST

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