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Stuart Broad


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Left Hand bat

Right Arm Fast-Med



"England's irresistible force"

When Stuart Broad gets on a roll, there is very little the world's best batsmen can do. A high quality bowler with all the skill you could wish for to take wickets, and at times he operates at a level reserved for the very best. He has done it to Australia twice now, at the Oval in 2009 and at Durham this summer. These are the feats that Broad will be remembered for.

Right now there is still plenty of anger over his decision not to walk when he edged a ball to slip via the wicket-keeper's gloves and he will get heaps of abuse during this trip. But that will be par for the course for Broad, who got heaps of abuse during his spell playing grade cricket for Hoppers Crossing as an 18-year-old. He was English and his dad was Chris Broad so he had to learn how to handle himself. He also learnt that you wait for the umpire's decision.

With his coiffured locks, athletic frame and easy charm, Broad attracts plenty of attention on and off the field and from both sexes. He knows what is important though, putting as much effort into his cricket as he does raising money for 'The Broad Appeal' a charity in aid of fighting Motor Neurone disease which his late step-mother Miche died from in 2010.

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