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CA to encourage social media use

UPDATED 21 May, 2013 6:05PM AEST |

CA will continue to encourage players to converse with fans on social media because it was an effective way to promote the game, Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland said on Tuesday.

"Absolutely (I'll encourage players to use social media) - it's very important," he said.

"We want our players to be engaging with fans. Part of our strategy is to put the fans first and for them to have a closer and better relationship with our players."

Sutherland refused to comment on David Warner's case, which will be heard via teleconference on Wednesday.

"In a specific case here with David, he's been charged so it's not really appropriate with the hearing pending to say too much about that," he said.

"But obviously we've taken the view that there's something to answer for in this instance."

The 26-year-old faces sanctions ranging from a fine, suspension or even counselling following his sensational argument with News Limited's Robert Craddock and Malcolm Conn while playing in the Indian Premier League.

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First Posted 21 May, 2013 5:01PM AEST

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