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Fans vote Sir Don the Greatest

UPDATED 31 July, 2013 1:14PM AEST | by Cricket Australia

Cricket fans have reaffirmed Sir Don Bradman's status as the Greatest Australian Test Player of All Time.

Over the last month, fans were asked to vote on daily match-ups featuring two of the game's greats. The knockout tournament saw some shock early exits and plenty of debate around who should advance to the next round.

Ultimately, it came to a final battle between Sir Don Bradman and Ricky Ponting, with the support for Bradman too strong. 

Bradman finished with 51.96% of the votes to be crowned the Greatest Australian Test Player of All Time.

However it wasn't all one-way traffic, with Ponting racing to an early lead before he was eventually reined in by Sir Don.

Day 30

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Bradman picture courtesy of Bradman Museum Trust Collection.

First Posted 10 July, 2013 12:00PM AEST

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