Optical illusion causes social media stir

17 January 2016

Is it the crease? Is it a bat? Cricket's version of the black and blue/white and gold dress

An optical illusion has confused fans on social media during Australia's three-wicket win over India at the MCG on Sunday night.

Confusion reigned when Matthew Wade was dismissed by Ishant Sharma in the 39th over, skying a ball to Shikhar Dhawan at wide mid-on. 

WATCH: Wade top-edges Ishant to Dhawan

Wade left the field of play, but replays hinted that Ishant had overstepped the crease, which would have saved Australia's wicketkeeper. 

A closer inspection of the replay showed plenty of Ishant's front foot to be clearly behind the line, and hence the delivery was legal. 

But what many casual observers believed to be the line Ishant was overstepping was in fact the non-striker's bat – that of man of the match Glenn Maxwell. 

Social media erupted over the initial ruling, and again when the optical illusion was pointed out. 

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