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Sir Donald Bradman Oration

Bradman’s family praises Dravid’s Oration

Sir Donald Bradman would have been impressed and delighted by Rahul Dravid’s Bradman Oration delivered in Canberra last week, his family has said.


Bradman’s son John believed Sir Donald would have especially appreciated Dravid’s emphasis on the importance of cricketers displaying dignity, integrity, courage and modesty, which were issues he had emphasised himself.


“My father would have been very touched that the whole Indian touring party, though dead tired, came to hear Rahul speak,” John Bradman said.


“He would have very much enjoyed Rahul’s insights into Indian cricket.


“The Bradman family would like to express its appreciation of the outstanding Bradman Oration.


“I recall well my father giving his consent to the Oration and asking me to deliver from him an initiating message and continuing to be part of the occasion holds real significance for the Bradman family.


“We would particularly like to express our appreciation to Cricket Australia for the excellent ongoing administration of the oration”.


Rahul Dravid delivered the ninth Sir Donald Bradman Oration at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra at a Cricket Australia/Australian Capital Territory Cricket event last week which also honoured the Australian servicemen, including Lindsay Hassett, Keith Miller and the sole survivor from that team, Reg Ellis (94) of Adelaide, who played a series of Victory Tests in England in the weeks immediately after World War 2 before touring India on their way back to Australia.

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