Cricket Australia

2013 Ashes Tour

Rogers seeks Lord's redemption

Opener returns to scene of Ashes turning point

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Ashes captain Brian Booth

Brian Booth was the Mr Nice Guy of Australian cricket.

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Ashes captain Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson has enjoyed one of the most storied careers in Australian cricket.

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Ashes captain Neil Harvey

Neil Harvey was, and still is, one of Australia’s greatest left-handed batsmen.

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06 November 2013
Ashes captain Richie Benaud

Possibly the most iconic man in Australian cricket, Richie Benaud has enjoyed a career spanning nearly 70 years in the game.

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05 November 2013
Ashes captain Arthur Morris

Arthur Morris was the unsung hero of the 1948 “Invincibles” tour. While Sir Donald Bradman received all the plaudits, it was Morris who would finish the Ashes as Australia’s leading run scorer with 696.

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04 November 2013
Ashes captain Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson will always go down as the captain who lost back to back Ashes series. The unenviable record takes away from what had been a steady career spanning ten years of international cricket.

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02 November 2013
Ashes captain Sir Don Bradman

There are good cricketers. There are great cricketers. There are legendary cricketers. And there is Bradman.

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01 November 2013
Ashes captain Bill Woodfull

Woodfull was the man responsible for guiding Australia through the Bodyline controversy in 1932/33.

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31 October 2013
Ashes captain Jack Ryder

Jack Ryder deserves to be recognised as the “father” of Australian cricket during the mid-20th century.

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