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Cricket ID & Cricket Australia Membership

Coming in early 2017 is a revolutionary new membership system for Australian Cricket. The system supports state memberships, BBL memberships and the Australian Cricket Family into a central platform. Cricket ID is at the heart of this system. If you’re already a state or BBL member we recommend the following these steps:

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Q1. How can I change my password for my Cricket ID?

Resetting your password is really important in this age of data security. Once logged in you can change your password by going to Profile.

Q2. How do I know if I already have a Cricket ID?

Your CricketID will be your email address. I you know the password you can log in or reset the password via the Forgot Password link.

Q3. Can I use my one Cricket ID to access and manage membership for my family?

Absolutely. While the Cricket ID identifies you as an individual, systems like our various Membership portals allow you to manage memberships for your whole family with out needing an account per person.

Q4. Can my Cricket ID be different to my email address I am contacted on?

Yes, your Cricket ID is just a passport to access the variety of Cricket services, once logged in can provide a different email addressesto receive you communication if you wish.

Q5. Can my children have their own Cricket ID?

Absolutely, anyone can create a Cricket ID and start the journey through the world of Cricket content. All you need is an email address, and your parents consent if you are under age.

Q6. What if I change my email address?

Changing your email address for the Cricket ID can be done through managing your profile here. Changing your contact email wont affect your CricketID logon unless you want it to.

Q7. Can I reset my password if I forget it?

Sure! It happens to all of us. You can reset your password by going to Log In and choosing Forgot Password. We will send an email to you prompting to change to a new password.

Q8. I don’t have an email address but I want a Cricket ID

To create a Cricket ID you will need an email address. It allows you to reset your password and to get important notifications from the Cricket services you use. If you don’t have one we recommend Microsoft Live and Google Mail as great free services.

Q9. Can I use my Facebook or Twitter account for my Cricket ID?

You sure can! When registering, instead of entering your name, just click on the Facebook or Twitter icons and you are on your way.

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