Cricket Australia cancels T20 fireworks

Pyrotechnics canned after close call in Adelaide

Cricket Australia has cancelled nearly all the scheduled fireworks for tonight's KFC T20 international match between Australia and South Africa at the MCG.

It was confirmed this afternoon that the player entry pyrotechnics will be used as planned, but the fireworks for boundaries and wickets have been scrapped.

Yesterday, Cricket Australia apologised to Aussie captain Aaron Finch after he had a close call with an artificial flame-thrower during the series-opening loss to the Proteas on Wednesday night.

In a statement released this afternoon, Cricket Australia said the incident was caused by human error and was "a clear breach of operating procedures which are now being reviewed." 

"We were very concerned by what took place at the Adelaide Oval and as a result we're now reviewing the operating and safety protocols of the flame units," CA's Executive General Manager of Operations Mike McKenna said. 

"Until such time as we're satisfied that there won't be a repeat incident, we will not be using flame units as part of any match presentation.

"The way that we present our events and the experience we create for our fans is really important and we will continue to explore innovative ways of doing this, particularly for international and domestic Twenty 20 matches. In anything we do, safety will be the highest priority."


The player entry fireworks will still be used tonight // Getty Images

Finch was shocked when a burst of coloured flames were deployed just as he went to pick up ball from over the Adelaide Oval boundary line.

"We have apologised to Aaron for the incident last night," a Cricket Australia spokesman said yesterday. 

"We have clear operating procedures in place for the use of pyrotechnics at matches. 

"They include strict rules about safe operating distances with respect to players and fans. 

"Clearly there was a breach of that last night which we take very seriously and have addressed with the contractor concerned." 

Finch had deliberately stalled collecting the ball, knowing the flames were shot to herald boundaries in Australia's seven-wicket loss to the Proteas. 

But when the flames initially weren't fired, he went to pick up the ball. 

"I sort of stood off, waiting for them to go off," he said. 

"And when they didn't (I thought) they must have pulled the pin on them for that time - and then bang. 

"It was a shock, I can tell you. 

"I'm sure it could be quite dangerous." 

Finch said his ex-Australian T20 teammate David Hussey also suffered a similar scare at Adelaide Oval. 

"I think it might have been last year or the year before when Dave Hussey almost got his head blown off," he said. 

"Probably a bit more care has to be taken towards the players and anyone who is nearby."