Stokes-Samuels feud continues to rumble

Englishman questions Jamaican's grace in victory as World T20 wash-up carries on

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24 April 2016, 01:49 PM AEST

Another chapter has be added to the feud between Ben Stokes and Marlon Samuels after the Englishman criticised the Jamaican's reaction to his side's victory in the World T20 final.

Stokes was on the receiving end of some incredible hitting in the WT20 decider from allrounder Carlos Brathwaite, who hammered four consecutive sixes from the final over to secure an incredible victory for the West Indies.

Samuels, who was named man-of-the-match for his unbeaten innings of 85, watched Brathwaite's late hitting from the non-striker's end and was later fined by the International Cricket Council for abusing Stokes during the final over.

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The Jamaican celebrated the winning runs by charging off the ground and ripping off his shirt as his ecstatic teammates tried to keep up with him in the hysterical moments immediately after the match ended.

Stokes, who will return to cricket in Durham's county match against Middlesex this week, has criticised Samuels for not being gracious in victory.

"I knew you had to let the winning team have 10 minutes to celebrate winning the World Cup," Stokes was quoted as saying by The Mirror. "At the same time, you have also got to play the game in the right way when it’s finished.

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"A few of those West Indies guys didn’t do that – Marlon being one of them, which was unfortunate. He won’t be on my Christmas card list or anything else really.

"People have battles on the field but also you have to respect people who do well and he played a brilliant innings, he played a massive hand in winning them the World Cup. You have to say, 'he got the better of us and of me that day'.

"But there’s a fine line between having a battle and not being gracious in victory."

Quick Single: Samuels fined after Stokes taunts

The manner of the win was no doubt sweet for Samuels, who first clashed with Stokes during a Test in Grenada last year.

The duo were engaged in a fierce running battle during the match, which twice got the attention of umpires out on the field, before Samuels celebrated the Englishman's dismissal by clutching his hat to his chest and raising a hand to his temple in a salute.

And despite the Jamaican admitting to using abusive language towards Stokes during the World T20 final, which cost him 30 per cent of his match fee, he couldn't resist another jibe during the post-match press conference.

"Well he doesn't learn," Samuels said. "Because they keep telling him, whenever he plays against me (they say) 'don't speak to me, because I'm going to perform'.

"I didn't even face a ball and he had so much to say today so I know that I have to be right there until the end, again."

Of the final over, Samuels remarked: "Stokes is a nervous lad you know. What I told Brathwaite was ... he's going to bowl a couple of full tosses as always and it worked in our favour and Brathwaite played a brilliant knock there."