Cricket Australia issues stern warning

Cricket Australia has issued a stern warning to anyone who attempts to invade the field of play during the Commonwealth Bank Ashes Series in light of a man’s social media campaign he hopes will see him “tackle” Stuart Broad during Melbourne’s Boxing Day Test.

The man has started a Facebook page, which we have chosen not to name, where he promises to invade the MCG arena on Boxing Day if he gets 50,000 “Likes”. He currently has more than 100,000 “Likes”.

The man even reportedly told Triple M Sydney’s Grill Team on Friday morning he’ll “either throw beer or a meat pie at (Broad’s) face as well”.

In response to the foolishness, Cricket Australia has again reiterated that anyone who invades the field of play without authorisation faces stiff penalties.

“Cricket Australia takes this issue seriously and will not tolerate anti-social behaviour, or anyone encouraging it, at any cricket match,” said Cricket Australia, in a statement.

“We’ve been in contact with Facebook to request the specific page be removed and will be passing on all available information to the relevant authorities.”

“Anyone considering acting in this way is not welcome at the cricket and offenders will be subject to criminal charges and fines at all venues. Fines for entering the field of play vary from venue to venue but range in the thousands of dollars per offence.”