Scene set for thrilling Big Bash finale

We have witnessed it all in the BBL this summer and now there is time for one final celestial act

On a day in Melbourne where the weather gods flexed their muscles and did everything apart from snow, the Stars aligned and the Big Bash League's most famous ‘curse' was finally broken.

Four semi-finals. Four losses. Each one just a little more painful than the last.

Everyone in Australia knows about the Melbourne Stars' record in finals - the postman, the butcher, the hairdresser, the guy in the fish and chip shop and, if there is Life On Mars (R.I.P David Bowie) they'll know about it there too...Ground control to the MCG...

It's been talked about, laughed about and there's been a whole lot of finger-pointing and soul searching so for the men in dark green who have been carrying around more baggage than a Madonna world tour the overriding feeling will be relief twinned with a sense of job half-done. 

Whether they like it or not it defined them – finally, on Sunday night, they get a chance to rewrite their narrative. 

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And they get to do it on their home turf. 

In contrast the Perth Scorchers went into the semi-finals with an impressive record. 

They'd made the finals in all four seasons and were crowned champions twice. 

But like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Frozen (apologies, my two- year old is in the grip of Walt Disney – and yes, I am searching for a support group because if I hear one more rendition of ‘Let It Go' I will Frisbee the DVD into the next suburb) curses are there to be broken.

Now in its fifth year, BBL teams are developing their own histories and taking their fans on a rollercoaster ride. 

Take Sydney Thunder. 

Wooden spooners in the first three seasons and second-last in season four. 

They've lived in the shadow of the Sixers for far too long. 

But with the injection of new players the turnaround has been remarkable. 

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Winning builds a new vibe and the proof is there for all to see. 

How fantastic for their fans to be rewarded with a shot at the title.  

It's happening in the inaugural season of the WBBL too. 

The Sydney Sixers were anchored on the bottom of the ladder midway through the season without a win and things could not have been looking worse for Ellyse Perry's team. 

Nine straight wins later and they're into the decider against Sydney Thunder. 


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This really is a game of momentum. 

Not even Nostradamus saw that one coming.  

This is why we love sport. 

This is why we love the BBL. 

It has cast its own spell on us. 

What else would possess a normally sane family to sit side by side with buckets on their heads? 

Or make people willingly wear magenta (or radioactive green). 

Or eat a melon, skin and all.

Or dance like no one's watching. 

You just never know what's going to happen. 

This season we've witnessed it all. 

And now there's just one final celestial act.

Stars v Thunder.