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Hot Spot remains a hot topic

Controversial decision-review technology Hot Spot could be dumped by the Nine Network for the second leg of the Ashes.

The Australian inventor of the technology, Warren Brennan, told Fairfax Media that the infrared camera, which uses heat readings to detect ball contact, will not be used for the series in Australia, beginning in Brisbane on November 21.

Mr Brennan said the broadcaster had a new deal with Cricket Australia, and the decision to axe Hot Spot was final.

The cost of the technology, about $250,000 for the Test series, is reportedly behind the decision, although problems during the first leg of the series in England were reportedly also a consideration.

The decision-review system came under heavy fire from both sides in England, with Hot Spot's reliability one of the key complaints.

In response to the concern, the International Cricket Council (ICC) last month announced they had formed a working group to look at how to improve both DRS and the training of umpires.

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The ICC also announced that team's referrals would be topped-up to two reviews after 80 overs of an innings.