New Zealand v South Africa Tests

Ground evacuation halts Dunedin Test

The third day of the first Test is interrupted when an alarm leads to a full venue evacuation in Dunedin

Martin Smith

10 March 2017, 04:13 PM AEST

Ground evacuation halts Dunedin Test

New Zealand's first Test against South Africa has resumed after it was halted for around 15 minutes when an emergency alarm at Dunedin's University Oval forced a full venue evacuation.

The Proteas were 1-14 in their second innings when an emergency alarm rang out around the picturesque ground, leading both teams to walk off and mingle on the side of the playing surface.

The fans at the ground weren't in any hurry to move along, with the majority only starting to evacuate the ground when several fire engines pulled up outside the venue.

The local broadcast also cut out a short time later, with Sky NZ commentators saying they too had to evacuate the ground.

While spectators and journalists evacuated, the players remained inside the venue and mingled on the playing surface.

And a short time later, the official all clear was given by the fire department and play resumed.

It's not yet clear what caused the alarm.