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Aussie streaker lands in Sri Lankan prison

27 July 2016

Callum Kanoniuk, at the Pallekele Stadium, Kandy


Callum Kanoniuk, at the Pallekele Stadium, Kandy


Brisbane local fined and jailed for indecent exposure following ill-advised escapade on day one of first Test

File this one under 'It seemed like a good idea at the time'.

Australian cricket fan Alex James has been fined 3,000 rupees ($A28) and sentenced to a week in prison after completing a nude run during the washed-out final session on day one at the Pallekele Stadium.

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James made the questionable decision to seek some entertainment of his own as the afternoon rain rolled in over the hills to prevent a ball being bowled after the tea break on the opening day of the series. 

With the entire ground covered, James – clothed at this stage – jumped the two fences that separate the playing surface and the hill in front of the scoreboard.

Alex James makes his naked streak across the Pallekele Stadium covers //

It wasn't long before the covers were used for a bit of slip-and-slide action, however the clothing was soon ditched as the spectator went au naturel.

At no stage did security intervene in the daring escapade, as James climbed back into his shorts, jogged back to the boundary, reclimbing the fences and back to his place on the hill.

While seemingly completing the run without trouble, James was arrested before departing the venue on Tuesday evening.

He was released on bail after spending the night locked up, and later returned to the Kandy Magistrate's Court.

There was a notable increase in security around the perimeter of the playing arena on day two.

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