Maxi and Kohli's riveting chat

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Maxwell reaches out to Virat Kohli for an enthralling one-on-one chat about all things cricket ... and more

Indian star Virat Kohli has opened up about his relationship with Sachin Tendulkar, his on-field banter with James Faulkner and his experiences in the Indian Premier League during an insightful chat with Australia's Glenn Maxwell.

In the latest edition of 'Maxi's Blog' on, the Aussie allrounder reached out to his Indian counterpart for an enthralling one-on-one chat that covered everything from Kohli's love of Australia to his combative on-field temperament and everything in between.

The 27-year-old was full of praise for Tendulkar, the retired legend of the game who was still in his pomp when Kohli made his international debut back in 2008.

"I started playing cricket because of him and I was inspired to do the things that he did playing for the country," Kohli told

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"He really helped me with little things that I could improve on in my game. If he saw something he would come up to me himself and tell me.

"Which is quite rare. You don't have people of his stature come up and talk to youngsters like that."

Kohli also spoke of how the IPL has brought international rivals closer together than ever before, providing more context for the on-field banter that is seen at the top level around the world.

"If I didn't know Starcy I would have never known what a sweet guy he is," Kohli said of his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate Mitchell Starc. "He's a wonderful human being.

Virat Kohli

"You form perceptions without knowing people and I think the IPL lets you lift those boundaries and actually be friends with people who you play against."

Kohli also spoke about how much he loves touring Australia and answered the age-old question of which city he likes the most - Sydney or Melbourne

WATCH the full chat between Maxi and Virat in the video above