Australia Women



Fortune and fate: Schutt ponders past and future

Australia's world champion quick considers the lucky timing of the T20 World Cup and looks ahead to life in a 'surreal' world

Mott backs players to adapt to cricket's shifting landscape

Australia coach Matthew Mott explains the measures taken to ensure Australia's female players can manage the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic

Votes are in! Design the kit winner revealed

Western Australian cricket fan and graphic designer Kai Jaeger's kit will be worn by Australian T20 teams during the 2021-22 summer of cricket


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Best of Meg Lanning from the Aussie summer

Enjoy the best shots of another standout summer from Australian captain Meg Lanning

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'Closed book' Lanning on adjusting to the public eye

She hates the sound of her own voice and has to remember to regularly post to her Instagram page, but Australia captain Meg Lanning hopes the increased attention on the team can inspire the next generation of cricketers

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World Champions shout it out loud in the middle of the MCG

In the early hours of Monday morning. the triumphant Australian Women's Cricket Team returned to the middle of the MCG for another rousing rendition of their team song to celebrate another World Cup victory