Without reserve: England 'gutted' but rules to remain

England frustrated by exit due to lack of reserve day, with this year's men's T20 World Cup to have the same rules in place

The absence of a reserve day has come back to bite the ICC Women's T20 World Cup and the same could occur later this year for the men's event.

England captain Heather Knight reiterated calls for a rule change for future tournaments after being left "gutted" when their semi-final against India was abandoned without a ball bowled on Thursday due to persistent rain at the SCG.

The International Cricket Council have scheduled a reserve day for the final but not the semi-finals.

It is understood the men's T20 World Cup to be held in Australia later this year in October-November will also not have a reserve day for semi-final matches.

India, having topped Group A, advanced to the final as the higher-ranked team while England head home having just lost one game – their opening match against South Africa.

"We're just gutted that we didn't have a chance to fight for a place in that final," Knight told reporters at the SCG.

"There's not a lot we can do. We obviously lost that first game against South Africa and that ultimately cost us."

Reserve days were in play for the knockout games of last year's men's 50-over World Cup in England, where the semi-final between New Zealand and India was played over two days following the interruption of wet weather.  

But that was not the case at this World Cup after the boards of all competing nations signed off on the playing conditions.

Cricket Australia chief executive Kevin Roberts revealed this week he sought clarification about a reserve day for the women’s semi-finals from event organisers.

“We’ve asked the question (if there is a reserve day) and it’s not part of the playing conditions, and we respect that,” Roberts said on SEN radio.

“It gives you cause to reflect and think about how you might improve things in the future.

“But going into a tournament with a given set of playing conditions and rules, I don’t think it’s time to tinker with (the rules) as much as … I might love that.”

Queens of clutch prepare for the big stage

It's the first time there has ever been a washout in a knockout women's T20 World Cup game.

In the wake of her side's exit, Knight wants to see the conditions changed so no other team has to go through what the England team are experiencing.

"They're the rules that everyone signed up to," Knight said. "You'd hope now that, obviously there has been this situation and the game tonight (the second semi-final between Australia and South Africa) is potentially going to be rained off as well, so you'd hope now there is going to be a rule change.

"And moving forward, no other team will have to experience going out of a World Cup purely because of rain. 

"Hopefully it changes. We're frustrated it has come to this."

2020 ICC Women's T20 World Cup

February 21:India beat Australia by 17 runs

February 24: Australia beat Sri Lanka by five wickets

February 27: Australia beat Bangladesh by 86 runs 

March 2: Australia beat New Zealand by four runs

March 5: Semi-final 1 & Semi-final 2, SCG

March 8: Final, MCG

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* All matches will be broadcast on Fox Cricket and Kayo, while Australia's matches will also be broadcast on the Nine Network