Radical technology to unlock data insights for batters

Cricket Australia has announced a partnership with str8bat, which gives players and coaches from juniors to the elite level a 360-degree view of every shot played

A radical new piece of technology that gives the power of real-time analysis to players and coaches from juniors to the elite level will be launched in Australia this summer.

Cricket Australia has partnered with str8bat – a lightweight stick-on bat sensor created in India – to support the roll out of the new technology across the nation this summer.

The str8bat device is easy to use with no video required – batters simply apply the stick-on sensor to the back of their bat before practice or play to unlock an illustrated 360-degree view of every shot played.

The str8bat sensor also provides an analysis of bat swing speed, impact speed, timing, sweet spot, back-lift angle and more, with players or coaches only needing to download str8bat's mobile app to access their personalised batting data.

Image Id: E0A94525E5F74C1AB254826FE78B23F6 Image Caption: Batters simply apply the stick-on sensor to the back of their bat before practice or play // cricket.com.au

Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals are among str8bat's partners, with the manufacturer stressing the technology isn't designed to tell you how to bat but provides feedback that helps each player decide what works for them.

"There is no one batting technique in the modern game – str8bat empowers players to figure out what technique works best for them," said Gagan Daga, inventor and CEO of str8bat.

"Right from the inception, we have worked closely with players and coaches across the globe to ensure we built a product which adds value to the players' quest to play better, which is completely non-intrusive and gives instant visual, and actionable insights to players and coaches."

Australian great and str8bat investor Greg Chappell said he believes technology has a huge role to play in taking the game to greater heights. 

"Whilst one can argue with the video, it's very hard to argue with data," he said.

"str8bat is one such technology that can be available to everybody who wants to gain that minute advantage that is required to take their game to the next level.

"The str8bat technology shows each player and each coach, the most efficient way to apply their own method."

Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley said the organisation had been a customer of str8bat for the last three years and the bat sensor had been trialled in both the high performance set up and at local clubs.

"We were very impressed by how str8bat combined useful cricket insights, imaginative use of data-technology and also created enjoyable interaction between users," Hockley said.

"We're confident str8bat will be a great interactive tool for cricketers of all levels across Australia as the way the game is played continues to evolve."

The str8bat app also allows users to share their game or session data with friends, teammates or the wider cricket community and compare who is timing the ball the best or hitting it out of the middle most often.