'Stop clock' introduced to speed up white-ball cricket

The ICC have made an addition to the playing conditions for all limited-overs internationals

A strict time limit on how long teams can take between overs will be added to the playing conditions for all one-day and T20 internationals from the middle of the year.

To be introduced on the first of June, just in time for the men's T20 World Cup, fielding sides will be required to begin a new over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over.

The 'stop clock' was ticked off at the ICC's board meeting on March 15 after a trial in men's internationals that has run since December 2023.

Tardy teams can receive up to two warnings for going over the 60 second limit, but will be struck with a five-run penalty for each incident after that.

According to the ICC, "the onus (will be) on the third umpire to determine the start of the clock".

There will be leeway for teams for things like change of batters, drinks breaks and injury delays.

Also confirmed by the sport's governing body were the implementation of reserve days for the men's T20 World Cup's semi-finals and final, which will come into play if rain washes out any of those fixtures.

Furthermore, the ICC also announced that the 2026 edition of the tournament, to be hosted by India and Sri Lanka, will feature 20 teams, the same number that will be on show in the West Indies and United States later this year.