The one thing you will NOT see this Ashes

Adam Gilchrist stunned cricket when he walked in a World Cup semi-final, but he doesn't expect any Ashes combatants to follow suit this summer

The Magellan Ashes is set to deliver drama, controversy, stunning performances and magic moments, but there is one thing you won't see this summer, according to Australia legend Adam Gilchrist.

Beyond being a game-changing wicketkeeper-batsman in Australia's golden era at the turn of the 21st century, Gilchrist was a walker, a player who left the field when he was dismissed without waiting for the umpire's verdict.

Walkers were once abundant in cricket, particularly in England county circles, but in the modern game they are few and far between, now seen at retirement villages and in hordes last spotted descending south from beyond The Wall.

The 45-year-old famously walked in the 2003 World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka, much to the shock of his teammates and the joy of the Sri Lankans, and continued down that path for the remainder of his stellar career.

Gilchrist is caught by Sangakkara at the 2003 World Cup // Getty

Gilchrist thought the introduction of technology, such as Hot Spot, Real Time Snicko and the Decision Review System would see the return of walkers in cricket, but the scrutiny and spotlight has only intensified on officials with players able to refer an umpire's decision.

And with the stakes no higher than an Ashes series, Gilchrist doesn't expect to see a player walk this summer.

"It's a bit of accountability for players to take on but it's not going to happen, that's the way it is," Gilchrist told at the XXXX Goldie season launch in Brisbane.

"I thought third umpire referral technology was going to make everyone, force everyone to walk but it's been quite the opposite.

"Players are still happy to run the gauntlet.

"It's one of those quirky, unique things about cricket that there's nothing to be frowned upon by standing there and waiting for an umpire to make a decision.

"They say you're not cheating, it's not outside the rules and whilst ever that's the case just let it roll and do what you want, what you feel comfortable with."

Broad is caught by Clarke at Trent Bridge, but not given out // Getty

Writing in his 2003 book Walking to Victory, Gilchrist explained why he chose to walk.

"I thought there were situations occurring where we (players) could take more ownership of the game," Gilchrist wrote.

"I had a think about it and decided I wanted to be true to myself and play the way I wanted to play ... but I didn't walk out at the (2003) World Cup with an agenda or a crusade."

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Walking would, in theory, alleviate some of the pressure on umpires, and Gilchrist says that's where the practice originally stemmed from.

"We're wonderful whingers," Gilchrist said.

"We can blame a loss on a poor umpiring decision but rarely when you win a game because a bad decision goes your way you acknowledge it and go and shake an umpire's hand and thank them.

"We'll abuse them for the bad one but we don't go and throw a high-five when they get it wrong and you win."

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Gilchrist is a XXXX Gold Ambassador this summer, endorsing The Goldie, a tech-enabled golden cricket cap, designed to reward fans for coming together.

There are 6000 cricket-related prizes valued at $350,000 up for grabs through the XXXX Gold app, while fans in the crowd can win $10,000 by catching a six while wearing the cap. The competition is open to over 18s only.

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