Aussies welcome feisty Faulkner

Now that he's back on speaking terms with vice-captain Brad Haddin, James Faulkner can reprise his role as the ultimate teammate.

Everything that makes Faulkner one of everyone's least-liked opponents, ensures he is beloved by teammates - save for the occasional mistimed wicket celebration.

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The affable Tasmanian will get under your skin, get in your face and, more often than not, either get you out or hit you to the fence - which is usually followed up by a vocal send off.

"He does like to give it back, and we think that's great," Australia's bowling aggressor Mitchell Johnson told AAP.

"I guess that's the Australian way. Being a bowler you want to be in their face.

"He does it at state level and he's brought that into his international cricket."

Just 23, the allrounder has already racked up an impressive list of on-field confrontations.

Suresh Raina felt Faulkner's barbs when he succumbed to the left-armer in Sunday's loss in Pune, prompting a rebuke from the equally feisty Virat Kohli.

But Faulkner's most notable confrontation came against West Indian powerhouse Chris Gayle.

Faulkner was fined 10 per cent of his match fee for giving Gayle a send off after dismissing him in February.

Johnson says with Faulkner's style, there's sure to be more of the same to come.

"I think it's great - it gets on the opposition's nerves a bit," he said.

"They're thinking 'what's this young punk up to, getting into our face'.

"It definitely annoys them.

"I think he's got on Chris Gayle's nerves on a few occasions and I'm sure he'll get on a few blokes' nerves on this tour.

"He's performing and doing very well. He doesn't go overboard, so good luck to him.

"It's what makes him such a good teammate to have."

Interim Australian captain George Bailey has confidence to call on his state teammate in a crisis - because he is capable of willing things to happen.

"He just takes wickets," Bailey said.

"He's a great person to have in your team, he's so competitive."