Aussies v spinners

Australia nullifying Indian spinners

India's twin-spinning powerhouse, after tearing through Australia's Test line-up this year, have been reduced to mere mortals in the one-day arena.

Australia's interim skipper George Bailey said his batsmen felt more comfortable facing Ravi Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja - who combined for an astonishing 53 wickets in India's 4-0 Test sweep earlier this year.

On wickets where no bowlers have truly excelled, the pair have certainly enjoyed less success.

Jadeja has picked up one wicket at a cost of 107 runs, while Ashwin's three wickets have come at a less expensive 105 runs - but he's been hit out of the attack and has had trouble finding his length in both matches.

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Bailey would not say it had been a predetermined tactic to go hard at Ashwin, but said his batsmen were free to attack if they wanted.

"I don't think we're targeting him specifically," Bailey said ahead of Saturday's match.

"There's guys who I think are more comfortable playing him, probably the right-handers.

"It's more about having a clear strategy about how we want to play him.

"But if guys feel like they can hit him ...

"... I don't think it would be showing enough respect if you were just targeting one particular bowler.

"His record is a very good record."

Much of Bailey's reasoning behind the pair's diminished impact centred on the docile wickets so far in Pune and Jaipur.

Australia racked up totals of 304 and 359 respectively in those games.

"There hasn't been much turn in the wickets. He hasn't been getting much assistance," Bailey said.

"... I certainly think we're batting quite well.

"(But) I would never go as far as saying we've got the measure of the bowlers.

"I think all the wickets we've played on have been very, very good batting wickets.

"I think it's been challenging for the bowlers on all of those pitches.

"It probably more the conditions that are in favour of the batsman rather than anyone having the measure of the other ones."

Australia enjoyed a rare day off on Friday, opting to cancel a planned training session to recharge during the busy seven-game series.