When Warner silenced Bell

Sit back and enjoy as Australia's dynamic opening batsman takes through a memorable piece of fielding

Australian livewire David Warner has described in detail his amazing run out of Ian Bell in last season’s Carlton Mid One-Day International at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Fielding at deep cover, Warner swooped on Bell’s cut shot, collecting the ball one-handed and throwing down the stumps in one motion.

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Speaking exclusively to about one of the moments of the summer, Warner admitted he took great joy in dismissing fierce Ashes rival Bell, even if some luck was involved.

"It was a fluke," said Warner with a cheeky grin.

"But I was trying to aim the ball at Brad and try and run Ian Bell out and fortunately enough I actually hit the stumps.

"Sometimes you like to play a bit of cat and mouse, a bit of foxing with the batters.

"When you've got a guy like Ian Bell out there who can run fast between the wickets, he himself would see that as a challenge as well to try and take two there and back his ability to try and beat my arm.

"It meant a lot that I actually ran Ian Bell out because he gave a lot of us a bit of stick during the Ashes and to run him out from the boundary, (with) him trying to take me on, I just sent a message to him to be quiet."

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