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Edwards hits back at critics

CA chairman slams players' union over fiduciary duty claims

Cricket Australia chairman Wally Edwards has hit back at players' union criticism of the 'big three' proposal to overhaul the way the International cricket Council is run.

Edwards was angered that the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) that Cricket Australia had negelected its fiduciary duties to the ICC

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FICA chairman Paul Marsh said: "As board directors of the ICC, the chairmen of the BCCI, Cricket Australia and ECB owe fiduciary duties to the ICC that include putting the interests of the ICC ahead of those of their individual boards, a duty to remain loyal to the ICC and avoid conflicts of interests and to act in good faith to promote the success of the ICC. We seriously question whether all of these duties have been met."

In a statement released by Cricket Australia, Edwards stressed that Australia's governing body's continuing commitment to its ICC membership is to seek the best outcomes for world cricket as a game.

“Traditionally, CA does not comment on ICC discussions it is about to have – we talk to other ICC nations across the table rather than via the media. But we were today disappointed to see FICA question whether CA and others have met their fiduciary duties as ICC members.

“Setting aside the fact that we are yet to discuss and vote, CA’s approach internationally is consistent with its approach at home where we have made significant strides improving the governance of Australian cricket."

If approved, the proposed changes to the ICC would see Edwards and his counterparts from the England and Indian governing bodies form an executive committee along with a fourth member that will rotate annually. One of the England-India-Australia axis would chair the committee and it is understood recommendations would still go to the full ICC board for ratification under the existing protocols.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has also waded in after being excluded from the top table in the proposal.

CSA wants the ICC to take back the draft of new regulations drawn up by a working group of the ICC Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee for more discussion, labelling it as flawed because it hasn't followed proper procedure.

“There will be a discussion in the next few days among the ICC’s full member nations about possible changes to how the ICC works,” Edwards said.

“CA’s view going into that discussion is that we need to continue to promote international cricket competitions including the primacy of Test cricket, we need to improve global cricket leadership and we support that members should be working to promote the interest of the game as their priority."