NZ's embarrassing shirt blunder

Kane 'Willamson' steers New Zealand to victory against Bangladesh in Napier

Well, this is embarrassing.

New Zealand's skipper Kane Williamson guided his side to a comfortable victory over Bangladesh on Tuesday night, but those watching on could have been forgiven for thinking it was someone else out in the middle.

With the right-hander on his way to an unbeaten 73, eagle-eyed viewers picked up a typo on the back of his playing shirt, which proudly displayed 'Willamson'.

Kane 'Willamson'
Kane 'Willamson' takes on Bangladesh in Napier // Getty Images

New Zealand's shirt provider can at least take solace from the fact it's far from the first time a player has had his name spelt incorrectly.

Australian batsman Usman Khawaja had a chuckle when he arrived in the Indian Premier League last year to find a 'Khwaja' shirt waiting for him.

And more than 12 years ago, fans in Sydney watched an Australian fast bowler named 'McGarth' take on New Zealand in a one-day international at the SCG.

As pointed out by Kiwi commentator Ian Smith at the time, you'd think the name Glenn McGrath - playing his 194th one-day international - would be easy to remember!

Glenn 'McGarth' takes on New Zealand at the SCG // Getty Images
Glenn 'McGarth' takes on New Zealand at the SCG // Getty Images