Ferling helps grants kids their dream

Southern Stars and WBBL bowler Holly Ferling takes MILO Champ Squad kids onto the Gabba on day one of the Test

A group of children had the thrill of a lifetime when they were hand-picked by Brisbane Heat fast bowler Holly Ferling to play some cricket on the Gabba during the dinner break of the day-night Test between Australia and Pakistan.

The kids were selected for the once-in-a-lifetime experience after receiving some cricket tips from Ferling outside the ground as part of a promotion for MILO.

"I have been scouting and these are the best of the best," said Ferling, who has been engaged by MILO as a Champ Squad coach to help encourage young boys and girls to get involved in the game.

The MILO Champ Squad is a digital platform where kids can learn new skills from top athletes like Ferling through an augmented reality experience and put their new skills into practice with fun activity challenges to earn points and rewards and track their activity with a MILO Champions band; a fitness and activity tracker to encourage youngsters to get active.

Kids can also challenge their friends when competing in the activity challenges to unlock new content and improve their position on the leaderboard.

Parents can find out how to get their kids involved at

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